Posted by: smlacava | September 5, 2009

Welcome to a New School Year

Hello All!

I have been a horrible blogger, but I’ve realized I loved keeping this blog while in Japan! Also, I’m about to start the application process for the JET Program and Law School, and if I get into the JET program to teach English in Japan I KNOW family and friends will want me to keep a blog again. So, why not just keep this one running with not so often updates, but at least keep you informed.

I checked out the JET Program website today which took me to the U.S.’s official JET program website, where I found out I can’t start applying until October when they will put the application up. I also ran into my former Japanese teacher who once again told me to come to her when I start the application process. I’m so excited to start applying for this program and I cannot express in words how I hope to get in. BUT, at the same time I need to keep up with my classes (I’m assisting my Japanese teacher in teaching Japanese), I’m taking 21 credits (including this teaching assistance) and work about 10 hours a week. I’m also taking some pretty tough classes, like International Economics and Business Law, but I love these challenging courses. As my Dad keeps reminding me, I just need to stay on top of everything and make sure I go to EVERY class and turn in EVERY assignment. Which has always been something I overlook, as crazy as it sounds. But on top of applying for the Jet program and taking all these classes, I need to prepare for the LSAT and start the application process for Law school. I took a diagnostic LSAT last Saturday and scored a 153, which is only one point above average and not the best score. But, I figure this is my score starting out without any studying. What will my score be once I understand why I got questions wrong and understand how to answer them correctly? I’m going to shoot for a 180 (which is a perfect score) because why shouldn’t I?

I’m also living in an amazing apartment with great roommates who are all just as busy. Our schedules don’t exactly coincide, but I love having them around to chat with or rant my frustrations to… don’t worry though, they do the same to me so we’re equal 🙂 We each have our own room which is nice. It’s nice to come home and enter my almost ALWAYS clean room (I expect to hear a snort coming from my parent’s direction). Also, I did buy a bike! I absolutely love it. I’ll post pictures sometime soon… or I may just e-mail them out to you all (Family!).

Anywho, I’m going to try and keep up with this blog a little. I figure I should, since the Study Abroad Office hired me to keep up with their Facebook and Twitter page for two reasons 1) whenever I came into their office to talk about applying to Kansai Gaidai I was fully prepared (which I need to thank my dad for) and 2) they loved my blog! So thanks everyone for the comments and the continuous harassment to update more! 😉

Miss you all!


Posted by: smlacava | September 4, 2009


Hello All,

Sorry for not posting again for so long. Being back in the States has been great, though I do miss Japan. It’s hard to live in a place without mountains!

While this post is not a reflection on my time in Japan, I just wanted to let everyone know of an amazing site to get your photos developed! My housemate told me about this site which is amazing for developing photos and turning them into collages/posters/calendars!

The site is called Clarks and usually has some great discounts for photos.

Let me know what you think!


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