The most annoying, nerve-wracking, and difficult part of your trip abroad will be packing. I’ve been searching on the internet for tips an cheats for packing, everyone seems to say about the same. When it comes to packing, lay out what you want to pack and leave half. I read that and had to double take; leave half!! And so, I’ve made it my mission to put together the best packing list with the best tips and cheats here. So, keep an eye out and get excited!

I won’t be packing just for my study abroad though, I want to travel through all of Japan so there’s going to be a lot of day/weekend/or more trips. So I need to create a packing list for all these different occasions. I’ll try my best, wish me luck!



  1. Hi
    I am staying in Nagoya for a year and I was wondering what your list is?? Like a week of pants and 2 weeks of shirts?? My thing is I am not as small in the chest or waist department so most clothes are hard for me to find…what do you suggest?

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