Intercultural Communication

One of the classes I am taking while at Kansai Gaidai is an Intercultural Business Communication class. As part of a semester long project we are required to keep a blog of interesting daily interactions, cultural experiences, and possible faux pas. Obviously our class discussions revolve around culture (being in a class full of students of varying ages, ethnicities, and religions really helps) and how culture creates a various array of interesting situations. As well, both in class and out I realize how much being in another culture helps me understand myself and my culture better.

And so, the point of this new page is both for me to write blog entries more pertinent to the class as well as reflect on new cultural exchanges. I will also have regular updates on trips and pictures on the main site. As well, I may have updates to do with the class on the main site. I created this page, though, solely for organization reasons.

Hope you enjoy this cultural journey with me!



  1. this sounds interesting. I am anxious to see what you find!

    Love you!

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