Travel Web Sites

For some hilarious stories, great tips, and views inside the country you want to travel check out these amazing websites. Some websites cater towards women, some for those traveling solo, but all the tips are worth a read! I have also included sites with tips on living and teaching in Japan.

Adventure Divas

Being A Broad <– This website is mainly a promotional website for the book “Being A Broad in Japan” which I HIGHLY reccommend for any women going to Japan for an extended period. It covers so many issues, a lot which you will inevitably encounter while here.

Gutsy Traveler

Journey Woman

At Home In Japan (One of the best websites on Japan. Not Kidding. This website is perfect for those attending a home stay in Japan)

STA Travel Blog     (I have really begun to love this blog site. Hosted by STA Travel ((P.S. a great place to apply for the ISIC card and to buy cheap flights)), this site is full of useful tips for anyone before, during, or after studying abroad. I seem to check it almost daily now. Also, there is currently a competition to be the next STA Travel Intern… where you can travel around the world, write about your experience…all for free!!)

Gaijin Guide <– Great and funny updates (usually with graphics and video) about staying abroad in Japan.

Hostel Bookers <– Great website to find hostels anywhere in the world. **TIP: Used this to find great and beautiful hostels in Nagano, Hiroshima, and Tokyo!

Round the World <– A great site for anyone interested in point-to-point travel!

No Debt World Travel <– One guy’s journey across the globe, proving the point that you don’t need heaps of money to travel! Great resource for students and traveler’s a like to check out. He has great cost-saving pointers and some pretty interesting stories! Great blog too!!

Tips for Gaijins <– I stumbled across this site looking for a site on Japanese medicine for allergies. This is great and has some amazing tips if you are interested in applying for the JET program (as I am!). I really reccomend checking out this site if you are thinking of living/moving to Japan, as well!

The Japan Blog List



  1. Hey Steph,

    Thanks for the link and I’ve given a link back to you on my blog. We both are having a great time abroad in different ways. Best to you in Japan and keep the pictures and commentary coming!


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