Posted by: smlacava | January 31, 2010

JET Program

やった (Hooray)!!

I recently received notification that I have an interview with the JET Program. I am so excited!!!

Ever since I received the notice, I’ve been scouring the internet for blog, vlogs (like a video blog), and info on the JET Program. In case you are unfamiliar with the program, check out this website OR this one to learn more about it.

So, I’ve begun my last semester and I’m praying that I will end up in Japan by the end of this summer. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind being anywhere in the world (preferably outside the U.S. though for a little bit), but I imagine living in Japan will be easier than living in a country I’ve never been. I understand the culture shock and language  I’ll experience in Japan.

However, until February 18th (the day of my interview), I will be a player in the waiting game. AND THEN, after the interview I have to wait until April for notification. So much waiting!!




  1. Try this site. It does all of your scouring for you.

    And good luck on your interview, but not too much if you are interviewing in Chicago! Mine is on the 15th.

  2. BOO- YAH! :o)

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