Posted by: smlacava | September 4, 2009


Hello All,

Sorry for not posting again for so long. Being back in the States has been great, though I do miss Japan. It’s hard to live in a place without mountains!

While this post is not a reflection on my time in Japan, I just wanted to let everyone know of an amazing site to get your photos developed! My housemate told me about this site which is amazing for developing photos and turning them into collages/posters/calendars!

The site is called Clarks and usually has some great discounts for photos.

Let me know what you think!




  1. Hi Stephanie,
    By chance I click onto your site here and needless to say, was delighted you have written something and keeping up with this , I guess you call it a BLOG!! What do I know? Any how, I’m always exhausted after reading all you do.
    Delighted that you are going take your LSAT’S. I’m sure you will do well. Please let me know when you will be taking them and I will say an extra prayer for you. Prod of you but I’m not sure I want you to leave for another year to teach in Japan. Just go and start Law School here. We will miss you for another year. Love ya, AJ

  2. Sorry, I spelled PROUD WRONG!! UGH!!! Shame on me!!!!! Love ya, AJ

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