Posted by: smlacava | May 18, 2009

Swine Flu

Hey Everyone,

So, guess what? I may be able to finish updating all of my blog this week. Want to know why?! Because all of my finals and my graduation ceremony have been cancelled this week due to the Swine Flu.

Yes, Japan’s number of cases apparently surged over the weekend from 4 to 92. And most of those were reported in Kobe and Osaka (Kobe is a port-city near me, famous for Kobe Beef; Osaka is the prefecture I’m in). The only reason school has been cancelled is due to the government urging affected areas to close all schools in hopes to stop the spread.

What I don’t think they realize is all of the students will still be together, hanging out, regardless of school being cancelled. As well, we are taking this as an extended vacation and eager to go explore some nearby regions. My Okaasan (host mother) even said it’d be nice for me to go travel, but to wear a mask at all times.

I have been wearing a mask actually. And have the pictures to prove it. Will upload those soon.

I’m amazed at how paranoid people are becoming. Before the flu ‘hit’, most Japanese acted as if it would by-pass the island-nations. Now that it’s here, you can’t even buy a mask at the pharmacy for ‘protection’.

Oh yes, you heard right. All of the pharmacys and drug marts AND super markets are sold out of those white masks everyone (not everyone) wears here.

If you ask me, it’s being hyped up way too much. But I guess it is better to be safe than sorry.

Love you all and see you soon!!

((That is if I can get out of the country… Just kidding!!))




  1. Hi Stephanie,
    Sorry to hear about the cancellation of fianals and graduation. Very interesting about the outbreak of the swine flu. Hopefully, it will miss you and finals and graduation will take place very soon with only 10 days left before your return. I understand about the masks we had to deal withit in China with the Sares outbreak but the masks did nothing. Washing of the hands is very important especially when most people cover their mouths when they sneeze and then touch something.They don’t realize this. So just keep washing those hands and hope other people do the same. Hoping you had time to get in some more sightseeing with what time you had left.
    Do be careful and safe and good luck whenever you take your finals. Love ya, AJ

  2. Okay listen to Aunt Joy’s advise because its true they say to cough or sneeze into your sleeve rather your hands and do keep washing them and wear that mask. I sure hope you get your finals over with before you have to leave. I know when it started here I thought for sure people would be wearing the mask when I was flying but no one was I think people are just letting this go by as just another scare but I think it can become serious so be careful you dont want to miss your flight home.

    love you gramsy

  3. Steph, we, too, could not find masks or germex (hand sanitizer) here for about a week. I see they have since restocked, but it was nuts.

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